Change Requests

This is an actual letter received from a client, Rick James. He has a terrific sense of humor about his love of submitting change requests!

Blake, Harvey, Debbie:

You probably wonder why I end up requesting so many "Change Requests" on the houses you work on for me. Let me give you some insight as to why this happens and what conditions might apply to promote this behavior.

  1. I don't have the ability to match any colors to anything. Actually, I suck at it... so.....expect a change request.
  2. If you ever hear me say "I have an idea" or "What do you think about this".....expect a change request.
  3. If I invite you to lunch, it isn't lunch we will be talking about.....expect a change request.
  4. If I am having a good day......expect a change request.
  5. If I am having a bad day......expect a change request to a change request to yet another change request already in progress.
  6. Though I like to think I know what I am doing and try to portray that image, I really don't.......expect a change request.
  7. If you hear me say "This won't be much work".....expect a change request.
  8. If I have told you I will do a portion of the work myself......expect a change request (to fix what I broke).
  9. Though I can make instant decisions on the spot for most issues, I have different conclusions for the same decision.....expect a change request(s).
  10. If a female tells me she doesn't like something about a house......expect a change request. Who cares what the guy thinks, right?
  11. If my day gets slow and boring.......expect a change request. I need to pretend I am important and in charge of something.
  12. If I feel like gambling a bit......expect a change request. I will take bets to see if you can even do the request, much less on time. There is no other reason for the request.

Hopefully, these insights will aid in our working relationship...ya think...maybe not....I am not sure....let me change this wording....."What do you think about this"?

Rick James