Just a note to say Thanks! to Shawn and his crews. I'm very pleased with the bathroom remodel. Everybody at Finishing Touches was great to work with. You took the time to make sure my remodel was exactly what I wanted. It's hard to find people today who pay attention to details and take pride in a job well done. Thanks again!

Scott Force

There were many different crews at my house for my remodeling project adding new ceramic tile floors and granite countertops. Every crew that came out to my house did a wonderful job of cleaning up their work. Every person I spoke to was polite and respectful.

Blake the THE BEST ! He was always available to answer all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Finishing Touches Remodeling.

Carolyn Gulledge

I appreciate Blake and his crew for staying on top of the houses I have. He is an extension of my business. Their work has been Great and very timely. They have kept the schedule that was agreed upon and has been very easy to work with. Their pricing has been extremely competitive and it has freed me up to find other properties and not micro-manage job. I
definitely will continue to recommend Blake's crew. Thanks for all the hard work!

Brad Marshall

Blake was so generous to come to my wife's room in a nursing home and install a large mirror that took 2 people to lift and other items that the nursing home maintenace staff could not handle. He and his staff were so professional and accomplished their task while being sensitive to their environment. Most vendors would not have wasted their time on such a small task. When he finished he asked that i pay him what I thought it was worth. Blake is the first person in the 4 years my wife has been in special care homes to do something just to help me out instead of charging a premium because the work is health care related. You can know that Blake is the person that will rehab the duplex I am scheduled to close on
September 15.

Jack Willard

I used Blake and Finishing Touches for a rehab for a rental property in Dallas in the Richardson School District. I was impressed with the detailed inspection and bid estaimate that Blake submitted as well as his listening abilities and his unusalc customer focus. His bid was thorough and had line item by line item cost. Blake was also extremely helpful in
providing recommended solutions that were cost effective and professional looking. When he was a few days over the contract completion date he readily compensated me for the delays per his contract. He had some unexpected personnel problems but thoroughout the entire process he was customer focused and fair. I will use Blake on my nest rehab.

Darryl Thompson

I just finished up a rehab project with Finishing Touches-My experience with them was outstanding. When they say they are full service, they mean it. They took care of everything on my project from the smallest detail such as picking out and installing kitchen cabinet door knobs to HVAC installation. Their work was high quality and on time-from the basic upgrade work such as painting and sheet rock repair to more complex work like sewer pipe repair under my slab. They even have plumber that used epoxy sleeve technology to repair a crack in my cast iron sewer pipe without having to jack hammer through the slab-this saved me at least $1'000. They even detected a gas leak in my attic and repaired it. Blake and his site Project Manager Harvey and Office Manager Debbie all were very professional and courteous and provided excellent service and work throughout my project. I would use them again in a heart beat. If you use them, you will not be dissappointed.

Tom Groff

Just completed my first rehab with Finishing Touches and I couldn't be more pleased. The quality of work done in the house was excellent. The entire job took only about three weeks. Communication with Blake, Harvey and office was excellent. I thought with some contractors you might get a "it's just a rental" attitude, but I'd let them do work in my own home. I will use them again.

Terri Khoshbin

This was my first personal investment property/rehab. I got quotes from 3 contractors, and they were all within $1000 of each other. I went with Blake because I like his dedication-he didn't waste time, and he got right out to the property the first time I called him. His quote was e-mailed on time, I was very happy with the amount of detail it contained, and he was willing to offer cost-effective suggestions on how to improve the property that saved me money. Blake did what he said he would do, for the amount he quoted, within the time frame he promised. I was very happy with the finished product. I am a real estate agent, and I know what condition a property needs to be in order to get a certain $$ amount for it. My property rented to the first qualified applicants (I had several waiting in line in case the first application fell through), and at the top of rental range for the neighborhood. I would glady recommend Finishing Touches to anyone, especially to a first-timer. He made the process easy and painless.

As I said above I am a real estate agent. I had been working from home on a small desk in a cramped corner of my bedroom, while a formal dining room that we never used sat wasted. Blake turned it into an office space, and finished it in 3 days while my husband was out of town. He enclosed the room, put in French doors, and matched the texture, paint and trim (except for one custized piece they couldn't find) perfectly. When my husband got home, it took him entire night staring at the wall before he finally asked "have those doors always been there?" He was very happy with the job. There were no bumps or seams to indicate that the wall had not always been one piece. I love working in my new large, QUITE, office every day.

Judy Abu-anbar

We have just completed our 2nd rehab with Finishing Touches. The first one had a few annoyances, but this time with a different project manager everything went great. The finished house looks great and the details that always come up in a rehab were handled very well by Harvey, the project manager. The many phone conversations we had covered many small questions and everything was taken care of properly. I can recommend this company without hesitation to other members.

Doedi Meyer

I have had great experiences with Finishing Touches. They are so convenient for minor repairs, they contact the renters for access and bill me, making management of my rent houses easy to work from home or wherever! My renters have always been pleased to have them work in their house. One issue of damage was immediately attended to at their expense.

Connie Griffin

Blake Johnson and his project manager, Harvey Zepeda, did a fantastic job on my first rehab. There is no other word to describe the process except EASY! I called Blake with the address, he visted the property, did a thorough quote, and turned a worn-out house into one that sold 3 days after I placed it on the market. No problems worth mentioning-all issues
were handled immediately. I recommend Blake and Finishing Touches highly.

Mark Thompson

My first property required extensive rehab pertaining to foundation,electrical,plumbing,siding, and other general repairs. After making several iterations to my scope of work, I asked Blake to meet with me at the property to review everything before starting the job. By reviewing the property together we were able to bounce things off each other and finalize the scope of work. I received the draft with changes we discussed on this initial walk through shortly after getting back to work thanks to Debbie. His inputs helped make this first project an enjoyable experience. I was left impressed with the quality of work and the speed of making this happen. Blake,Harvey and subcontractor Efrain did a fantastic job. Blake addressed all of my concerns during the entire process. Blake's and Efrain's advise involing some exterior issues along with landscaping greatly enhanced this property. Debbie along with the entire office staff have been courteous and professional in providing customer service. After the last "punch out" activty was completed, there were some minor details
that arose. Blake was just as responsive to these details as he was when we first met. Blake has truly put the "Finishing Touches" on my first rehab property. A great pleasure to work with. Extremely responsive.

Manuel Olivas

I recently had a very positive experience with finishing Touches. I was looking at what appeared to be a great deal on a house that required some extensive rehab. The work included an interior foundation issue (the interior of the house had dropped down,creating a bowl effect). The selling broker gave me quotes with lifetime guarantees for getting this repaired. I hired Blake from Finishing Touches to look at the property and give me complete rehab estimate. Blake offered to look at the property and do a preliminary overview to determine thefeasibility of the project before doing the detailed rehab report. If the preliminary report looked good, he would do the full report. The preliminary review was done at no cost to me, and the full report cost was only $100. During the preliminary phase, Blake discovered the interior rehab had been attempted once and failed. There had been attempted once and failed. There had also been repair work to the sewer line resulting from foundation shifting after these repairs were attempted. Base on these finding and his recommenation,
I chose not to do the deal because the foundation issue could recur (I did not want my buyer to be stuck with this issue). Thanks to Finishing Touches, I was able to avoid this trouble potenially saving me thousands of dollars. Blake was prompt and courteous, and his work was professional. I would certainly hire Finishing touches again.

Edwin Dissosway

My Mom had a problem at her house that some dishonest schyster quoted her $2,000. I asked Blake to take a look at ti. Harvey went to her house, quoted $165, and fixed the problem on the spot. These guys are honest and they take care of business.

Mark Thompson

We used Blake based upon the favorable comments we heard around the investor meetings. They were professional and helpful in so many ways during first major rehab. We look forward to using Finishing Touches on next job.

Mark & Becky Cooper

Blake is a real pro's pro. I trust him 100% and I will use him whenever I need work done or a walk through. He is accessible and outstanding on the follow-up. The man has integrity, to the point that he saved me $600.00.

Louis Goldfader

Blake Johnson and his Finishing Touches company have always provided me with exceptional service and quality. Blake's number one concern is, "what is in the best interest of his client." Having worked with Finishing Touches for five years now I know I can always count on Blake to get the job done on budget and on time. I highly recommend Finishing Touches for any type of general contracting.

David Lunsford
Crestwood Properties Ltd.

Finishing Touches, YOU BET!!. It is all that and more. Once you teamed up with Fort Worth’s finest professionals you will never choose another.

I am an investor/real estate agent with over 25 years of experience. I have worked on projects both large and small and each one with Finishing Touches has gone effortlessly. With great skilled craftsman and creative eyes working for you at all times, your energies are maximized to work with potential clients. The best and most important step is that at the end of the project, and Finishing Touches will follow-up with great detail and deal with those nagging problems. My clients and I have been very pleased with the quality of work and professionalism of the contractors working in occupied homes.

I would highly recommend Blake Johnson and his teams to do any future jobs for me and my clients. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the past four years. Thanks Blake.

Karen Love

For my first investment home I used Finishing Touches to handle all of the rehab work. I received 4 bids from different contractors and Blake gave me the most competitive quote. The customer service was professional from beginning to end. Blake’s team including Harvey and Debbie were very responsive and were helpful every step of the way. They also finished the rehab in the timeframe I requested which resulted in saving me money.

Finishing Touches helped to make my first single family investment home a positive experience. Even when some unexpected issues arose after the rehab was completed, Blake still continued to provide the customer service needed to resolve them immediately. I highly recommend Finishing Touches to any investor looking for a professional and reliable contractor to provide a high quality rehab for their investment property.

Regards, Will H.

The day that we were supposed to close our sale of property to our buyer, we discovered that someone had busted open the back door and vandalized the property. Blood on the walls, holes in the walls a broken window, door jamb shattered. This was on Tuesday 12/23, with Christmas break coming up. By Sunday 12/28, Harvey and his crew had repaired all of the damage(except for the window, which had to be custom ordered), and we closed on Tuesday 12/30. Kudos to Blake, Harvey, and Finishing Touches!!

Mark Thompson

My company has been using finishing touches for 100% of our rehabs and remodels for about a year. Being a Homevestors franchise we rehab a large amount of homes each year, and need a partner who can handle this type of volume in a professional manner and on a timely basis. Finishing Touches has met our needs very well, while offering a combination of timely completion and high quality work.

Tommy Weisz
HomeTex of ATX LLC

Finishing Touches is the best contractor I have found for real estate investments.  They understand the importance of timing, budgeting, and quality that are the necessary adjuncts to go along with the construction expertise necessary for turning out a profitable, turn-key product.

Tom Harper
FMT Holdings

Finishing Touches listened to what I wanted done in my home and I am so pleased by the outcome. They were fast, courteous and clean.

What I wanted was enhanced by their experience and suggestions. Not only did I get the beautiful tiled walls I wanted, but accent under cabinet lighting to highlight them; just the "Finishing Touch" that was needed!

Marie Rangel

I make my living as a real estate professional. My reputation and my livelihood depend on timely, economical and high quality construction work. I depend on Finishing Touches to finish on time, on budget and deliver top quality every time.

Tim Knabe
Beneficial investments LLC

To whom it may concern,

I've bought, sold, and rehabbed over 100 houses in my 10 year career in the Tarrant County market. I've used numerous general contractors as well as acted as my own GC on my rehab projects to "save money". Without a doubt, "Finishing Touches" has given me the best service, and have kept to their original estimate and time table better than any other General Contractors I've used.

Furthermore, when I acted as my own GC to save money, I found that "Finishing Touches" finished product was better than mine, and was less expensive. Not only did I NOT save money acting as my own GC, but I spent more, and lost valuable time that could have been spent locating other investment opportunities.

I no longer act as my own GC in efforts to save money, but give the entire turn-key job to "Finishing Touches". They're reliable, efficient, and cost effective which allows me the time to be finding other deals instead of project management.

I highly recommend "Finishing Touches" to manage any rehab or construction project to save money, get the best product, and to maximize profits.


Zane Drake
Morgan-Bayley Investment Co., Inc
JCI Group, Inc.

Finishing Touches has been a great business partnership for HomeTex AFW, LLC. We buy a wide variety of homes and Finishing Touches is a turn key solution that I spend little time managing or worrying about. Finishing Touches has not gone over budget and does everything to maintain deadlines. They go out bid our properties, and I do not worry about it until we are doing the final walk through. We do a high volume of homes per month and Finishing Touches is able to keep pace with all of our closing dates and help us run a very efficient business.

Paul Marlow
General Manager
HomeTex AFW, LLC

We just completed a extensive rehab with Finishing Touches, Blake is very patient with the learning curve involed with new investors. This was our first deal and we had not intended to take on such a big project for our first. We had talked with Blake at many investor's road trips so our comfort level with him and his project manager Harvey allowed us to take
on this project. It was completed on time and with in budget in spite of delays we caused due to some indecision on our part. Blakes proposals are detailed and very easy to read. He covers everything he is contracting to do so there are no misunderstandings. He answers questions completely and has access to a wide variety of subcontractors. During the project we worked with Harvey and he was terrific. He was always on time, had a great attitude and contributed a perspective. One important thing to know when rehabbing a house is where to stop. harvey helped us stop when we got too detailed for our own good. It is important to not be so picky that the contraotor cannot possibly please you. These are old house and they never were and never will be perfect. That said, we were so pleased with the quality of the work, the detailing and the way everything looked when Finishing Touches was done with the job. We have had rare reviews from everyone who has seen it! The updates have made a world of difference and the homew is deffinately the best product at the best price! Thanks Blake and Harvey, we can't wait to do another one.

Christopher Andris

Truly professional,Blake,Harvey,Debbie and Nanci are a cut above. I had bought and rehab a property, was 98% done, when I called in Blake. "Finishing Touches Remodeling" have become my to go team. I'm currently having "Finishing Touches" rehab my recent(June 20)purchase of a single family house. I'm having a new AC,stove,carpet, tile amoung other things installed. Blake and his team are "my team" now. When I first went to "Finishing Touches"'s office I needed directions. Nanci guided me and was very patient. Nanci did the first sell of "Finishing Touches Remodeling" to me. Thank you Nanci! Also my thanks to Blake, Harvey and Debbie. Who's on your team?...Thank you,

Jimmie Bell

First, I need to say that I will proably never be 100 per cent satisfied with any job performed for me as I am on the "picky" side. There will most alawys be something I didn't care for and either forgot or wanted to change. Needless to say, I create MANY change requests during the project and a scheduling challenge for the contractor. However, there are those
firms I will do business with and those who I won't. Finishing Touches is one I will do business. Realistically, no company does everything perfect every time. Contractors can't read your minds. The less time you spend with contractor and the less work detail you give them the odds of you not getting exactly what you want increases. Work moves fast on these projects and hundreds of decisions will need to be made. If you,the owner, can't be reached, some of those decisions will be made without you so work can continue. These type of decisions aren't really "mistakes" but additional work may or may not be required if some of these decisions were made incorrectly. Additionally, contractors make true mistakes and do the aork wrong or not to a specific standard. So, for me, it's VERY important that I look at how a company corrects its mistakes (and mine) when they do occur.

Finishing Touches accepts and corrects its mistakes without an ordeal when they do occur. Most times they are already corrected before I can bring it up for discussion. And better yet, they correct my mistakes too, normally without charge but dependent on the size of mistake. I have worked with Harvey, one of the project managers at Finishing Touches, on
two houses now and have been pleased with his performance. Along with quality work, one other service Finishing Touches provides which is important to me is a detailed estimate of the work to be provided. Their estimate of the work to be provided. Their estimate is extremely detailed...just the way I like it. The more detailed, the more comfortable I feel because I know what work is to be completed, how much it will cost, and then I can cherry pick and choose what work I want completed base on cost.

Finishing Touches normally provides two types of estimate: 1. a rough estimate (SWAG) that is free 2. A detail estimate which cost $100 but is refunded if you accept the job. In completing the detail estimate, Blake of Finishing Touches will spend several hours walking the house and preparing the estimate. I have had some lengthily estimate with the detail
down to the toilet dispenser type and cost, but that is my choice. Naturally, they would produce the level of estimate that you like. Before starting the project both Blake and the appointed Finishing Touches project manager, along with myself,will review the estimate to ensure everyone understands the project scope of work and scedule.

Other strengths of Finishing Touches;

1. Flexibility in handling multiple change requests.
2. Reasonably priced.
3.Ability to work with vendors of your choice.
4. Willingness to correct their mistakes.
5. Provide a very detailed estimate.
6.Provide extra services,some for free.
7. English speaking (and Spanish too if you need).
8.Quick turnaround time for return calls.
9.Ability to handle bothsmall to large and complex rehab projects(tearing out walls, addingbathrooms, ect.).
10.Provide suggestions to add value to the property and meet building codes for rental property.

Richard & Ellen James