Thank you all of Finishing Touches! Brian was perfect! Andrea was a blessing. Nichole made it easy. Blake helped get it all started! I know there are others behind the scenes too! Larkspur is gorgeous and I am confident it is mechanically sound! Can’t wait to lease these two and start on some more! See you in the fall for sure!

Charley K.

I cannot say enough positives about Blake and the Finishing Touches team. I live out of state and they have done 7 properties for me. I never worry once when a rehab is happening – they can take the worst looking place and turn it into a new looking property in just a couple weeks. I hire leasing companies to lease my properties and nearly every time they end up increasing the rent we are asking after they see the property and the professional rehab that has been completed. Finishing Touches is the best!!!

Charlie P.

Blake and his team are top notch. I have done 2 properties with him and looking forward to more in the future. They have an eye for detail and provide options when problems arise. His insight on evaluating properties is invaluable. His team always provides us with the progress of a project which keeps us in the loop during our busy schedule. What’s most important is his concern and follow through even after a project is completed…he wants to make sure the customer is always satisfied.

Terry C.

Very very satisfied by the amount of detailed service and attention that Finishing Touches provides when doing a job. I have used them several times and am appreciative every time to how well they keep me informed and on-time. Pilar is easy to work with and will walk you thru everything before, during, and after. I will definitely use them again and suggest them to others.

Jason M.

We’ve done multiple properties with Finishing Touches and have been very happy with the process and the results. We are out of state investors and rely of Finishing Touches to be our hands, eyes and ears on the ground. Their communication skills and support makes all the difference. They provide us with peace of mind and our tenants a superior product.

Michael H.

Pilar and the team at Finishing Touches just finished my second home rehab. Their entire team is very professional throughout the entire process, and kept me informed with pictures, suggestions, and notes as to the progress of the project. If you need to schedule anything Nicole, Nancy and Andrea are there to help and follow up throughout the project. With Finishing projects I have peace of Mind that the rehab will be well done, to budget, and on-time.

Greg S.

We would like to thank Finishing Touches for a fantastic project. As new investors the whole Finishing Touches staff took us through the rehab process quite painlessly. Blake and Harvey kept the project moving on schedule and stayed on budget. Nicole and Andrea were very helpful on the contract administration. We are glad that Finishing Touches are part of our team.

Lee L.

I HIGHLY recommend Finishing Touches. Having just finished our first SF rental, the home looks great. Any difficulties during the rehab were dealt with quickly and efficiently. Blake knows home rehabs and understands how important it is for the cost/numbers to work. Pilar, project manager, was always available, and the office staff was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The financial part was smooth and effortless. I will only be using Finishing Touches for my future rehabs. Thank you Blake for making our first project easy!

Julie N.

Finishing Touches is a class act. They had the expertise to address the project and completed the job in a timely fashion. The result was a beautiful rental that I could be proud of with great cash flow. Finishing Touches is my first call for future rehab jobs going forward.

Donald H.

This was the third time I’ve used them. This was a major project, final rehab around $40K with many unforeseeable issues. They were amazing. Blake, Harvey, Tammie and all the staff worked tirelessly and seamlessly to put in place a property that ultimately appraised for $8K more than anticipated. Only a GC with years of rehab experience in many different cities could have pulled this one off. They managed to turn the “house from hell” into what is now a blessing. Thanks again, folks!

Gary F.

Just completed a job with Finishing Touches on my first rental property. We worked with Harvey as the project manager. We were very pleased with the work they did. I liked that they would send me pictures and video updates so I didn’t have to drive there. It was very positive experience and I look forward to using them on my next property.

Dan C.

Shame on me – I should’ve written my 1st review of Finishing Touches a year ago when Blake did my first house for me. Today, I just rented another home completed and I am thrilled with Blake, his company and the work done. Estimates are always accurate (barring the unknown – which are explained thoroughly and handled promptly). I wasn’t a huge fan of my last acquisition and Blake’s rehab was amazing. What a difference. I now believe any home, no matter the state, can be made lovely. And on budget, on time. I value the personal relationship I have with Blake – I know he’s on my team and I trust him. He’s an invaluable source of information and has helped me learn a very different aspect of Real Estate than I can learn in a classroom. He is patient and he is amusing. One of the most positive things about Finishing Touches is their continued support while a property is leased. This is invaluable – they don’t walk away from me or a house when it’s done. They fix issues as they come up promptly and have gotten good reviews from tenants as well. I wouldn’t have won Investors of the Year last week w/o Blake and Finishing Touches. Hey Blake – you rock !! (LOL)

Boris L.

Another successful (on-time, on-budget and great quality) rehab with Finishing Touches. With Blake and his crew I have peace of mind knowing that they are going to take care of all aspects of the rehab so that I can move on to other things. How sweet it is when you have a GREAT team!

Doug L.

Just finished my fourth house with Finishing Touches doing all of the rehab. Blake, Harvey, and the entire team are always a pleasure to work with, and the finished product is wonderful. Even though this house had some issues, Blake always went above and beyond to work with me and to make it work out. I really consider Blake and his crew partners on my team, and who are vested in seeing that I am successful. I look forward to working with Blake and Finishing Touches on more houses in the future.

Terri L.

I am very thankful to Blake and his company “Finishing Touches” and would recommend them to my closest friends. I initially chose Blake because he and or Harvey helped me several times during bidding processes, not to mention the countless hours they spend with us at our Road Trips educating us. Once the Rehab started, they hooked me up to their website where I was able to communicate and deliver documents securely with anyone at their company. The Rehab turned out beautifully, the place has rented, and we are off searching for another. Blake and his colleagues are quick, talented, committed & people we are lucky to work with. The true strength in the relationship is Blake and his relentless commitment to help people.

Leonid P.

Blake, Harvey, John and the crew with Finishing Touches make my life much easier. Blake is quick to prepare the estimate and always comes in on budget. Finishing Touches has completed the make-ready on six houses for me so far. They maintain great communication throughout the process. I work full-time so it is helpful to know the projects are in good hands. I rely heavily on Blake’s advice. Finishing Touches is an invaluable part of my team and I can’t imagine investing in real estate without them.

Greg S.

I closed on this property the day before I left for a 2 1/2 week family vacation in Europe. While the days before we left were crazy, trying to prep for closing, everything from there on was smooth as silk. I brought my smart phone, and with a wifi connection could check email. Blake sent me regular updates on their Base Camp communication system, along with pictures and videos. I had also signed up for their Draw Deferral program so I did not even have to worry about financial paperwork. I sent a total of 3 or 4 emails to Finishing Touches to respond to questions on their end, and the rehab was nearly done the day I got back to the states. I did not think I would ever do a rehab from out of state (I live in Michigan), let alone out of the country! Thanks to Blake and the entire team at Finishing Touches.

Steve S.

Please give Andrea a raise because she has gone above and beyond AGAIN. I had emailed her Thursday evening regarding our make ready estimate and she replied back at 9:30pm! That’s service! But I told her to get off the computer and watch TV, or read a book, or do something else for herself! You have great employees that make working with you a joy. Thank you for all you do and for the wonderful people you work with! I shouldn’t leave out Harvey. We did the make ready walk through on Wednesday and he fixed the gas burner on the stove. Just needed a little cleaning with a paper towel. I learned something new that day! He saved me at least a $75 service call!

Karen W.

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