Jerry – Case Study

23 Oct


Project Overview

Gemini Dr.

Purchase Price: $65,000Refi Appraisal:
$95,000Out of Pocket:$19,344Unrealized Capital Gains:$9,340Annual Cash Flow:$6,264Return on Capital Gains:48.3%Cash on Cash Return:32.4%

Clover Valley Dr.

Purchase Price:$73,000Refi Appraisal:$118,000Out of Pocket:$22,226Unrealized Capital Gains:$12,154Annual Cash Flow:$4,800Return on Capital Gains:54.7%Cash on Cash Return:21.6%

Wilmington Dr.

Purchase Price: $77,000Refi Appraisal:
$112,000Out of Pocket:$19,773Unrealized Capital Gains:$12,384Annual Cash Flow:$6,540Return on Capital Gains:62.6%Cash on Cash Return:33.1%

Pleasant Valley Rd.

Purchase Price:$57,500Refi Appraisal:$105,000Out of Pocket:$19,310Unrealized Capital Gains:$16,530Annual Cash Flow:$6,336Return on Capital Gains:85.6%Cash on Cash Return:32.8%

Montclair Dr.

Purchase Price: $69,000Refi Appraisal:
$113,000Out of Pocket:$33,859Unrealized Capital Gains:$2,303Annual Cash Flow:$2,460Return on Capital Gains:6.8%Cash on Cash Return:7.3%

Via Del Rey

Purchase Price:$56,000Refi Appraisal:$116,000Out of Pocket:$21,680Unrealized Capital Gains:$29,520Annual Cash Flow:$4,920Return on Capital Gains:136.2%Cash on Cash Return:22.7%

Project Details

Client: JerryFinishing Touches Partner Since: 2010Maximize Your Investment: Contact Us

Return on Investments

Gemini Dr. – 81%Clover Valley Dr. – 135.79%Wilmington Dr. – 75%Pleasant Valley Rd. – 75%Montclair Rd. – 135.79%Via Del Rey. – 75%