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Kitchen trends to avoid

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What the market wants is not always the same as what the big box stores are selling. For instance, trendy kitchen fixtures, like vessel sinks, now look dated. We’ve culled the advice of real estate experts to find out which kitchen trends are on their way out, and which ones are actually appealing to buyers. Bear in mind that all of this might change in another few years, though moves toward greater simplicity and efficiency will probably have staying power.

Vessel sinks: According to a 2010 Apartment Therapy survey, vessel sinks look dated. That was back in 2010. By now, kitchen design has moved toward functionality and efficiency. Buyers are looking for large basin sinks, and there is a special premium put on large under-mount sinks. They are easy to clean, and give cooks plenty of room to work. If you’re thinking of installing a vessel sink as a hand-washing sink on a kitchen island, you’ll attract more buyers with a simple under-mount sink.

Pull out racks: A Realtor.org, a reliable source of information on what’s happening in real estate markets, says that pull out racks are going out of style. They also note that lazy Susans, appliance garages, and tall pantries are less popular than they used to be. Keep the storage plentiful, but simple, without too many bells and whistles.

Solid surface back-splash: According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, solid surface back-splashes are being superseded by glass, granite, natural stone, and tile back-splashes. Although it can be tempting to match the back-splash to the counter, if you have a solid surface counter top, you’ll make your house more attractive to buyers